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All of my arrangements are available from Sheet Music Plus!

There Is A Voice

This arrangement follows the tune as recorded and captures the richness of layers present in the original! Squeeze released this song from the album Play released in 1992.


Paranoid Android

From the album OK Computer by Radiohead, this epic song has been transformed in all of its richness to saxophone quartet. All players should be at least intermediate level. There are two versions available.


Generals and Majors

This fun song from XTC is upbeat and quick and would be an exciting performance for a group of 2nd year players. There are three versions available.

SATB, AsAsTsBcl, ClAsTsBcl

Cult of Personality

An accurate arrangement of Living Colour‘s iconic rock tune – Cult of Personality – for SATB saxophone quartet!

Soprano and alto players get ready! The guitar solos are split between these parts and are interpreted to suit the instrument. They are FAST and FRANTIC! For Intermediate or advanced players!


All Along the Watchtower

A saxophone trio arranged from the original recording, this rendition of All Along the Watchtower captures the genius of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing and aggressive style of his bass player, Noel Redding. BARI BEWARE! 🙂 Available in trio format.


Kiss From a Rose

A perfect arrangement for a performing saxophone quartet, Kiss From A Rose allows each instrument to shine with the iconic theme of this Grammy winning song from Seal. It features a weaving of textures across all four voices and uses each instrument to it’s sonic advantage. This is not an “easy” arrangement. It will challenge the players and delight the listener! Available in quartet and duet form.


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