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Music Heals

TikTok’s Unofficial Bridgerton!

I was so stunned by the beauty of this melody that I had to adapt it. Here is my arrangement of Alone Together by the talented Barlow & Bear!


I have decided to reduce the prices on my arrangements. While I have regular sales, I feel that I would get more if they were more accessible price wise. Changes at SMPPRESS take about a day or two to take effect. Check my publisher page for pricing. $15.99 should be the price for most quartets now.

New arrangement coming soon!

That’s all. I’m waiting on smppress to release. My Youtube channel has a video score of it. Listen along!

UPDATE: It’s available at Sheet Music Plus!

Paranoid Android

My new saxophone quartet arrangement (AATB) of Radiohead’s EPIC HIT from OK COMPUTER is available NOW from Sheet Music Press.

This arrangement is a key and part accurate transcription with adjustments made to suit the quartet instruments. As you listen and follow the notation, you will notice slight rhythmic changes from phrase to phrase – this evolution of the music is subtle as it builds through it’s movements.

The guitar solo is frenetic and the vocals are crazed! The mood of this piece DEFINITELY translates to saxophone!

If you perform this, please let me know! I’d love to hear it.

Topher Browne Music is alive!

It was alive. Then it died. Now it’s alive again. This re-birth will allow me to re-think the www site and provide a more interactive and educational approach to my content. More to come!

Email Topher! Let him know of any performances or ask any questions!

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